Shoulder press 5x3 @75%, 2x3 @85%

back squat 5x3 @80%

strict chin ups 3x failure


1ps + 1bs + 1btn pp (@65% snatch)

10min amrap


Shoulder press 5x3 @75%, 2x3 @85%

back squat 5x3 @80%

strict chin ups 3x failure


1ps + 1bs + 1btn pp (@65% snatch)

10min amrap


Btn press (sg) 3x3 @70%

snatch balance 3x3 @60% 3x2 @70%

back squat 5x3 @75%


5 PC (135/95)

25 sit ups

10min amrap


Just a heads up guys, were finally gonna place the order for new shirts. Sorry for the delays but it was that time of year again to re up on fee's and other BS. We are ordering 50 but in limited sizes. For example: men's small, medium and women's small will only be ordered per request. From now on as stated before we are only taking cash for the shirts. If you need a reminder of how they look just scroll through prev. posts to see the new design.


Bench 3x4 @60% 3x3 @75%

bar dips 3x failure (x4 and weighted for adv.)


400m row

20 ps (95/65)

30 burpees

f.t. (10min time cap)

cash out: weighted ring row 3x10




Starting in May, CrossFit Spring Hill will begin utilizing an online program called CrossTrackr.  This program will assist members in keeping “track” of their progress and results. CrossTrackr is a mobile web application that will allow you to log and track your results every time you walk in to the Box.  From the weight you just PR’ed on the back squat, to the score you achieved in yesterday’s WOD; everything is now saved within this program and is easily searchable when needed. CrossTrackr will also be utilized to take care of some administrative tasks here at CFSH.  This program will be used to “check you in” to your class once you arrive at the facility.  This can be done either by your own smart phone or by using the lap top kiosk at the Box. CrossTrackr will also be used to bill for the services here at CFSH.  You will be able to access your own account and input the billing information that should be used to pay for your membership fees.  You will be the only one who will have access to this information and you will be able to edit this info as necessary (For example:  When Visa sends you a new credit card).

Please take a moment and visit their website at:https://crosstrackr.com/

This site will tell you all about the features this program will provide. One note, the program costs $9.95/month for anycrossfitter to use.  However…..as a member here at CFSH this program and its database will be offered to you at no charge!!

Please see one of the Coaches to set up your initial account. You will need to have the credit card you use for your membership fee available. Once the process is complete you will be able to individualize this account with a profile pic and sync this information with both FaceBook and Twitter.

Your account logon will be found here: https://cfsh.crosstrackr.com/

Thanks for your help and time in getting this program up and running.  I know you will greatly enjoy the benefits CrossTrackrwill provide all of us here at CrossFit Spring Hill.


Your CFSH Staff


1pc + 2 fs x5 @65%(clean)

clean 3x3 @60% 3x1@80%+

split stance pp 5x5 @60%(jerk)


9 wall ball(20/14)

7 kb swings (2/1.5P)

30 dubs



Deadlift 4x3 @60% 3x3 @75%

L-hold skill work 5x max hold (hanging leg raise for beginners)


5 C2B

10 ring dips (bar dips for scale)

15 push ups

20 slammers (25/15)

15 min amrap

cash out: ghr 3x 10-15


Btn pp 5x3 @ 70%

ohs 5x3 @ 75%

back squat 3x3 @ 60%


7pc to pp (155/110)

100m sprint

12 min amrap

cash out: 20m tire flip w/ 2 tire jumps each flip


Reminder: yoga this Sunday 4/13 @ 11am.

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