2017 CF Open

Registration for the 2017 is now open. We will register the box as usual for all those that want to compete again. For those new to the gym or CF we highly suggest giving it a try. Its fun and a good way to get a small taste of competition.


Body Comp Challenge Reminder

Reminder: deadline to submit info and money for the upcoming body comp challenge is this Sunday the 15th. The challenge will also start that day and run for 45 days this time. Price is $20 and info needed is weight, measurements for wrist, forearm, hips and waist. You will also need pics of front, back and side. Remember with the pics they are used to see who is being honest with numbers. guys in shorts and women in sports bra and shorts or bikini is fine. Info can be emailed to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . This year the coaches will be doing it with you. Coach Natalie will start a FB support group page this weekend for all contestants to join. If you have questions on how to go about the challenge and goals add them to your email. Remember! KEEP IT SIMPLE!!! Cut out the junk foods, sugars and basic crap. Clean healthy foods, normal size portions and time your meals out. My fitness pal app is a useful tool. There is the Isagenix route or Paleo that we have done in the past and have been very successful. Good Luck!

2017 Body Comp Challenge

The 2017 body comp challenge will start on 1/15/2017 and run for 45 days this year. In the past we have done paleo and isagenix. This time it will be however your heart desires. We will start a FB support group page and as last time be here for support and guidance through the way. We will need the following: before pics( front, back and side) , weight and the following measurements: waist, hips, wrist and forearm. Cost is $20 to enter and winner receive cash pot and one month free unlimited membership. Good luck!


email info to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Holiday Schedule

Normal hours all but but we will be CLOSED December 24th-26th. Happy Holidays!

Sponsors/ Partnerships

Current gym sponsors:

The Air Force




Diverse Computing


Cater Me Fit


The Drawing Board



Current event sponsors:

The Air Force


Diverse Computing

The Drawing Board

RJ Hampshire


Kill Cliff


RX Bar



Current partnerships:

Geicho Honda Motocross


CrossFit Inc.



Past partnerships:

Stars and Stripes Gymnastics Academy

Gulf Coast Academy


The Air Force

We are pleased to announce the US Air Force has come on board to sponsor CrossFit Spring Hill. They will be co-sponsoring events coming up such as our kids comp in January #juniorreapers. Also, they will be sponsoring our competition team. A big THANK YOU to the Air Force!!!


We will be closed for Thanksgiving. The rest of the week is normal hours. Have a good holiday!


Registration is now live for #JuniorReapers. Click the link below for registration. Registration ends January 8, 2017.


For information check out our event page on Facebook or #JuniorReapers FB page.




#juniorreapers Kids Comp

We are proud to announce that we will be hosting our first ever kids comp on 1/28/2017. Full details available on our FB event page. We will announce when registration opens so stay tuned for details.


Drop In Cards

We now will be offering drop in cards!!! Perfect for those that can't make it in enough for a membership. Also, they make great gifts or will be good for our outa town drop ins staying a week or more. For $40 you get 5 training sessions.

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