About Us

We are a strength and conditioning facility that offers CrossFit, Weightlifting(USAW), powerlifting, personal training and sports performance training. First and formost our goal with each and every member is to make them healthier, stronger and faster. We do this by working with everyone on conditioning and nutrition.

Our services offered are primarily strength and conditioning.

In our facility we create a family oriented group where we all share in each others pain and achievements. When you become a member you also become a part of the UNBROKEN FITNESS family!

Please check out our coaches page for more information on the owners and our staff.



If you are interested in finding out more about our brand of strength and conditioning please contact us and we will help get you started. We always offer a free session for anyone to try. We understand that this type of training may not be for everyone, but don't worry, everyone is capable of becoming stronger, faster and healthier. It's all about scaling the workouts and learning the proper fundamentals to get you started. From there it is up to you on how hard you work and push yourself. We are confident that once you get started you will be hooked and forever changed!

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