Barbells for Boobs 2017

Our annual BfB comp will be on October 21st from 9-4. All info and updates will be available on our FB event page: CrossFit Spring Hill.

Registration is available on Box Tribe Tracker:

This year will be an 80"s theme so feel free to dress up!!!



New class Reminder

Starting June 5th the 10-11am class will start and run through the summer. We will keep it on after if it is needed.

Memorial Day Hours

There will be no regular classes on Memorial Day. We will open the doors at 9am and start running the heats for "Murph" at 9:30am. Heats 2 and 3 start at 10:15 and 11:00.

Schedule Change

Starting May 20th we will have two Saturday morning classes. Kids class will still be from 11-12.

New Saturday schedule:

9-10am class

10-11am class

11-12 kids class

(for the 9 and 10am class wods will start at 20 after)


Reminder: Starting June 5th we will add a 10-11am class for the summer. We will keep you updated if we leave it on the schedule after summer.


Starting June 5th we will add a 10-11am class back to the schedule for the summer. If it works out we will keep it on the schedule permanently.


- We will be closed Saturday April 15th due to the holiday weekend along with a large number of members and coaches competing at Wod Wars 2.

- We will be hosting another USAW L1 sports performance coaches course on Sept, 23-24. Registration can be found through the USAW site or links provided on our FB page.

- We will be a official host of the Memorial Day Murph Challenge again this year thanks to Bill and Judy Tatun. No need to register but if you wish to for donation to the organization and to get a shirt the link can be found on our FB page.

2017 CF Open

Scheduled times to do the group times are :

Friday's at 10am and 7pm.

Come in before hand to set up, stretch and warm up.

If you can't make it then let us know so we can schedule a time. Best would be on Saturdays between classes from 10-11am. As always out of towners are welcomed!

Good luck!


Refund Policy

Attention: As of today we will no longer be issuing refunds after a charge has gone through. Even though we are pretty relaxed on policies compared to most businesses such as no contracts and the ability to cancel or hold your account we still need notice. It costs us to charge a card and to refund a card. If you give us notice ahead of time then no problem!

coaches update

So we know there has been a lot of chatter and questions lately about the current coaches roster. Normally what goes on beyond the box is business that is kept out of the public eye. As most know Bobby is starting up his own venture. We wish him the best of luck but in terms of business and ethics he will know longer be coaching here. Bobby has been with us for 4 years now, we're friends and as some know we're even neighbors. So in the best interest of those facts we will cut ties in the coaching aspect but will continue to work together with nutrition. He will stay on to work with us on being a nutrition consultant helping members that need further nutrition counseling then what we can give them. I hope this clears up some of the story and with that being said we are setting up some time for him to come in next Saturday February 4th at 10:15 am to meet with any of our members competing in upcoming competitions. Topics discussed will be nutrition in preparation for a competition and nutrition during the competition. No need to sign up just show up or stay after the am WOD.

Thank you,

Coach J

2017 CF Open

Registration for the 2017 is now open. We will register the box as usual for all those that want to compete again. For those new to the gym or CF we highly suggest giving it a try. Its fun and a good way to get a small taste of competition.

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