2011 regional's WOD

100 pull ups, 100 kb swings (55,35), 100 double unders, 100 oh squats (95,65)

scaled version

100 pu, 75 kb, 50 du, 25 ohs

2011 Southeast CrossFit Regional's

Just got back from helping out at the 2011 Southeast CrossFit Regional's. It was an awesome experience getting to see true fitness being put to the test rather than a bunch of people posing in speedos and trying to call themselves athletes. I now envision a goal for 2012 to have our very own team make it to the regionals. Check out our facebook page for some of the pic's. My personal highlight was meeting CrossFit superstar Heather Bergeron!

So yet again we our having some equipment delays on the rest of our stuff coming in. I'm told it will get here by Tuesday for sure. We are still opening then with or without the extra equipment.

On June 5th we are haveing our good friends from CrossFit En Feugo come down for a WOD. We plan on doing team Fran.

five per team

all five 400m run

then teamwork to complete 300 thrusters, 95 for guys and 65 for girls. 250 pull ups.

Then all five do another 400m run.

Anyone that is interested in joining in is more than welcome to come out. I will update later with a time.




9-7-5 power snatch (85/65) / toes to bar

with a 200m sprint after each round


Congratulations Natalie on passing your Level 1 certification.


Opening Date

Looks like we should be open for business May 31 if all goes well.


body-weight bench press max reps/ pull ups max reps

5 rounds

followed by 1 mile run


We will be ordering the equipment tomorrow. Doors will open after the equipment arrives and gets set up.


400m sprint

21 KB swings

12 pull ups

x3 for time


I would like to post this update to avoid any further confusion. As of right now we are moving along with progress with minor hold ups here and there. We still project an opening by the end of the month. But as of right now we are not open to the public yet. Sorry for any inconvenience.



5 muscle-up's

10 slam ball burpee's

200m med ball run (20/10)

5 rounds for time

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