5:30am Class Update

I didn't realize that April 1st was a Friday so we will start the 5:30am class on March 28th.

Stay Consistent.

So you made the big leap to walk through the doors at CrossFit Spring Hill. Your reasons why may vary but ultimately the goal was and is to get in better shape. Many want to lose weight, get stronger, faster and overall healthier. Or as I like to say we all come in to look better naked! But seriously, majority of you all come in nervous and ready to try something new. The majority of you all want to be in overall better shape. In the beginning it starts out as baby steps, building yourself up little by little each day.

We do the programming for you and we are there to teach you and coach you. You get the comraderie and push from the group aspect. But then comes along one very similar struggle. That struggle ends up being lack of consistency. This is a blanket that covers how hard you work, how often you come in, how you eat and overall attitude.

Consistency means coming in on a regular basis and working hard every time you come in. This also means eating right on a regular basis. The eating is going to cover a lot more so we’ll come back to that in a minute. Consistency does not mean showing up once in a while, coming in for a couple of weeks then disappearing for a couple of weeks and it defiantly doesn’t mean eating like shit all the time.

Why do I bring all this up? Well, lack of consistency ends up being the common thread with everyone when they hit a plateau or they are not seeing the results they want. On the whole most seem to be able to keep a consistency with coming in but loose that lack of consistency when they are out on their own time.

My goal for all that come in is to see them come in at least 3-5 days a week. Work hard when their in along with incorporating more activities to their everyday life outside the gym. To start changing their eating habits by eating healthy and saving the crap food for only once in a while. Honestly, by doing this you will get results and be able to maintain those results.

Now back to the eating since this is where most have no consistency. The ideal logic is to eat better foods. Make sure your meals are well balanced in nutrients and try to time out your meals throughout the day. This is done to keep your metabolism running strong and to spread out the amount of calories you need for the day. But what happens to most is instead of doing this slowly and sensibly most will try some crash diet or drastic shift in their eating. What goes wrong is they lose their minds and break in a short time going back to crap foods and eating whenever. I get the repeated statements that people are not losing weight but swear up and down they are eating healthy. Guess what? I can smell bullshit and whether it hurts your feelings or not I know when you’re full of shit and not telling me the truth.

Food is everyone’s biggest enemy especially when it comes down to consistency. Eating a salad once a day while eating fast food, take out or junk food the rest of the day does not balance things out. Just because you ate one healthy meal doesn’t mean you eat like crap the rest of the day. I offer to sit down with everyone and help them plan out how to eat properly. It’s simple but YES it takes some work and dedication. But getting this consistency in check is at least 75% of your daily battle to losing weight, gaining muscle, getting stronger and maintaining.

So with all that said and done I’d like to give some really good examples of consistency in and out of the gym. All three have the same common thread. They came to us overweight and out of shape. They worked hard while in the gym and come in on a regular basis. Also, but most importantly, they changed their eating habits. Yes they are human so they have had ups and downs. They have had gains and plateaus. But throughout it all they stayed consistent and stuck with changing their overall lifestyle to lose weight, get in shape and maintain. First, we have Jeff who came to us in 2013 weighing 275 and is now 220. He’s even weighed less then that but the guy travels the world on a crazy schedule and still works on being consistent. Second, we have Eve who came to us in 2013 weighing 173 and now weighs 142. Finally, we have Eric who came to us in 2014 weighing 204 and now weighs 172. They all lost a lot of weight but more importantly they lost a lot of inches which means the body fat dropped and the lean muscle mass went up. They all started from scratch and now are all bad asses! They all have also been working at this for a couple of years now and they have changed their lifestyles for the long haul because none of this happened overnight. They stayed consistent with their dedication!

Go over to our FB page to check out some of the before and after pics of these people. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1138659652822681.1073741830.207384929283496&type=3

No Classes on March 19th

There will be no classes this Saturday March 19th. we will be hosting the USAW L1 march 19-20.

Addition to the Schedule

After much debate and questions about possible additions to the schedule we narrowed down that it would work best to add time to the morning schedule. Mainly for those with us now and wanting to join that need a slot for before work rather then at the end of the day.

Starting April 1st we will open at 5:30am for a 5:30-6:30 class. The format will be flipped for this class. Meaning, warm up and WOD then you can do the S&C portion with the 6am class before they do their WOD. It will overlap but should cause no issues and hopefully give everyone what they want.

Adding a later evening class doesn't seem to be conducive at the time being and down the road we will add back in later am classes or open gym.

2016 Body Comp Challenge Results

We would like to congratulate Eve on winning the body comp challenge this year! 6lbs lost with 3" off her waist and 4" off her hips. There was a lot of lean muscle developed. We would also like to congratulate Rick and Eric coming in second with Marti in third. Good job guys!


USAW Courses

We will be hosting the USAW L1 and L2 course this year. Follow the links for the course you would like to attend.

USAW L1 Sports Performance Coaches Course


USAW L2 Advanced Sports Performance Coaches Course



New Shirts and Tanks

The pre-order for our first batch of shirts and tanks for 2016 is now up at the gym. We our offering shirts or tanks for both men and women. As usual they are $25 each, just specify your size and style when you pre pay.


2016 Body Composition Challenge

Well guys it's about that time of year again. Usually at this time we do our annual paleo challenge. This year we decided to try something different and do a overall body composition challenge. So with that being said the goal will be overall change whether it's weight loss or muscle gain. The end goal would be to lower body fat and gain lean muscle. For some the amount of lean muscle to be gained might be different. With this challenge you can eat clean however you want. Some may choose to do the paleo route while some just may need to clean up their diet and cut out junk food and snacking. Working hard in the gym will be a must but more importantly adjusting the diet is the biggest challenge. Our best recommendation is to figure out your total caloric intake for the day and time out your eating. What we find works best is eating every 4 hours trying to get in about five balanced meals a day. An example of this would be an individual that needs 2500 calories a day to maintain their body fat and muscle mass. They would eat five meals a day every 3-4 hours getting close to 500 calories a meal of clean and well balanced food. When we say balanced we mean the right amount of protein, carbs and fats to get that caloric load. If you choose to do the paleo or close to paleo you just need to cut out dairy, high glycemic carbs, oats, rice and grains. But more importantly cut out the processed sugars. The Body Fat Test truck will be back out Feb. 5th for those that want to re-test or test. This is a great tool to see where you are at and get a caloric map to find out exactly how many calories you need to take in to meet your goals. The sign up link is here on the site and also on our FB page. This years challenge will begin on Feb. 1st and run for 30 days till March 1st.

What we will need from you prior to Feb. 1st:

Before pictures (front, back and side) no nudes but we need to see what is going on.

Before measurements (waist and hips).

Before weight.

$20 buy in.

What we will need post challenge end date:

After pictures, post weight and post measurements.

Winner takes all and they will receive:

Cash pot of all buy in money, Progenex gift bag, 1 month free unlimited membership, a free t-shirt and possibly more items to come.

Please see me for any questions and advice. Just to give you an idea of what I do to maintain is I work out 5-6 days a week. As for my eating I use a Isagenix meal shake for breakfast and post dinner. My lunch and dinner is a Cater Me Fit meal with a meal made between lunch and dinner. On the weekends I still do my shakes but also make my own meals using meats we get from Al Rosas The Organic Chef. Both Cater Me Fit and Al Rosas deliver directly to the gym. Here are the links to all these services for anyone interested in checking them out.




Just e-mail your photos and measurements to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Also, your money will need to be paid before Feb. 1st with cash or check.

Good Luck!!!

Coach J


Body Fat Test

The Body Fat Test will be back out on Feb. 5th for those interested. We suggest to those competing in next months body comp challenge to make use of this service as a tool to help meet your goals. Click the link to sign up for your spot.



X-Mas/ New Years Schedule

12/24 am classes only

12/25 closed

12/26 closed

12/31 am classes only

1/1 closed

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