Week of Thanksgiving Schedule

Mon-Wed (11/23-11/25): regular class schedule

Thu (11/26): 9-11am only (Saturday style wod)

Friday (11/27): pm classes only

Class Updates

Attention members: due to low attendance on the Friday night kids class we decided to discontinue it. Sorry to those that made it in, we tried but need more attendance to keep it. With that being said the Friday 6pm open gym will go back to a regular class time for both CrossFit and Weightlifting. Also, we did away with the 7pm class before because attendance dropped off. We still get asked about it so if there is a big enough demand for it we can look into bringing it back. Just let us know your input.

Barbell For Boobs 2015

We will be hosting Barbell for Boobs again next Saturday October 17th from 9am on. We have everyone signed up and ready to go so come on out to watch and have fun for a good cause.

The Body Fat Test

The Body Fat Test will be back out on October 27th from 4-7. Use the link below to sign up for a spot. If you wish to retest then use the code "retest" to receive 10% off.


Oly Clinic

Just a reminder:

This Saturday September 19th from 9-11am we will be running a Oly clinic. This clinic will focus on snatch.

A break down of the class goes as follows:

-warm up and stretch

-dynamic bar warm up

-breakdown on the movement with focus on technique and form

-technique work on full movement

-workout geared towards lift


Following the clinic from 11am-12 we will hold a nutrition open forum.

Saturday September 19th

To all our members interested we will be switching things up for the Saturday morning class on September 19th. We will run a oly clinic from 9-11am covering form and technique on the snatch. Then from 11-12 we will meet as a group with those interested to go over diet and nutrition. How we can address your needs and concerns.

Labor Day Hours

We will only be open from 9-11am running a Saturday style class for the morning.


The owners of CrossFit Spring Hill and Unbroken Barbell Club are proud to bring you Unbroken Fitness: Strength & Conditioning.

We work with individuals ranging from stay-at-home moms and dads, to competitive athletes. Not everyone has the time or money to hire a personal trainer or coach, along with a regular gym membership, but now we make it affordable and flexible for everyone to have a trainer or coach while getting the results you want.

We offer a free consultation to go over your fitness goals, set up your individualized programing, all while working within the means of the equipment you have available to use at home or at your gym.  We are confident that individuals will achieve stellar results through our online communication, programming and ongoing support.

What we offer:

online personal training

sateleite coaching

CrossFit programs for individuals or gyms

Weightlifting programs for individuals or gyms


To set up your FREE consultation e-mail us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



The Iron Never Lies

The new shirt pre-order will continue till the end of August. Again sizes are available in men's tee's, Women's tee's/ tanks and kids tee's.

CrossTrackr is working on fixing the social media share problems some have had in regards to the shirt contest.


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