New Shirt Pre-Order

Our new shirt and tank designs are in. It will be pre-order as last time so $25 up front and specify size/ color.

Pre-order will run till the end of next month.


Memorial Day Murph Challenge

Memorial Day Details:
Murph Challenge May 25th
Gym will open at 9am and we will start heats of 14 at 9:30 am. Heats will run every 45mins. We would like to thank Bill and Judy Tatun for donating the money for us to be an official host this year. Judy knew Lt. Murphy personally so this is a cause dear to her heart. Thank you guys for your support!


Update: We have had people ask if they can bring food and drinks. You guys are welcome to bring food and drinks BYOB/F. Hang around and eat and drink as long as we're open that day.

Cater Me Fit

Attention members: Cater Me Fit will be out this Saturday from 9-11 to give out samples and answer questions on service. For those interested in the service this will be an opportunity to get your questions answered.

Kids Class Cancelations

Attention: there will be no kids class the following dates of April



2015 CF Open Update

Attention to our members doing the open:

First of all we would like to say good work so far. We've seen a lot of new prs from most of you. We would just like to make a friendly reminder that designated times to do the workouts are:

Friday at 7pm

Saturday at 11am

We set the time aside so that it doesn't interfere with the regular classes but more importantly so you get more of the experience of the Open. You get the individual attention with everyone yelling you on. In a regular class we just kinda got to get it done while coaching the people in the class at the same time. We had 8 outa 15 do it today. While we understand that the scheduled times may not work for everyone week to week we offer the make up times during classes. But today was too many waiting till the last day. We just want you guys to get the most out of the experience. So try to get in and get it done as soon as you can.


Coach Jesse and Coach Natalie




2015 CF Open Workout Schedule

This year the designated times we will have for completing the open workouts will be:

Friday nights at 7pm

Saturday mornings at 11am

These are just the designated times for everyone to do them together. Now just like years past you can come in during any regular class to complete the workout. This would be if your schedule doesn't work with the designated times in any given week. Also, out of towners are always welcomed to drop in to get theirs done. Just call ahead so we can make arrangements. Finally, the Saturday slot is during our UBF kids class. So parents don't worry they'll be on the opposite side of the gym and kids class will run as normal. If you have any further questions see Coach Jesse. Remember have fun and give it all you got!

2015 Paleo Challenge Winner

This was our first year having a tie for first place. Great job to Josh and Eve for both winning first place!


More thoughts by: Coach Jesse

My yearly rant amongst other events sparked much more thought. Thought that leads to noise that leads to words that need to be expressed. My personal life is and always has been a roller coaster. I attribute this to my success as a trainer and a coach because I can always relate to everyone’s troubles but also their hopes at bettering their life. I know we have had many others on our team here at CFSH to help you with your goals but I speak from my own viewpoint and personal experience. As I have said before we are not your normal gym. We are not one of the many local gyms looking to take your monthly fee just so that you can come in and roam around aimlessly in hopes you’ll just forget about it and run your contract to its course. We are a small, close knit strength and conditioning gym here to improve your way of life. Here to improve YOU! I literally just made the comment to a member today that I am not here to be liked but to be the catalyst that helps propel you to a better you. Whether that is a better way of day to day life, improving your sport or becoming competitive in CF. Yes I am not here to be your friend but that hard headed, stubborn coach/ trainer that pushes you out of your comfort zone. As I have seen in the past as a trainer or a coach it is all too easy for a client/ member to become too comfortable with me and lose their drive. It becomes easy to make excuses and argue my process. Hence why I take pride in the fact that yes I can be an asshole! I do this for everyone’s own good. Trust me when I say I have seen a lot in my life. Ups and downs, I’ve lived life on both sides of the track. I’ve dealt with all kinds of childhood traumas. I’ve struggled with many personal demons over my life. I’ve seen the hard road and walked it. I’ve also been a very hard working, driven individual with hopes that reach the moon. I’ve come from a broken home but I was also blessed with being raised by my grandparents that were from the WW2 era. A different breed then today struggling through the depression and doing whatever it takes to stay afloat and get what you need. The greatest lesson I learned is at the end of the day you bust your ass for what you NEED not what you want. What your family needs not what you want. I apply this thought into how I train, how I approach everyone. Because honestly I think our society on a whole is going downhill. Generations becoming self reliant on technology, becoming lazy, self entitled. A world where it’s more important to be politically correct rather than flat out saying what needs to be said. This is my approach; I give you what you NEED rather then what you want. I say what you need to hear, even when you don’t want to hear it. My career as a trainer started out of me being laid off from a past career. In a bad economy I was left with nothing. My skills and education meant nothing. My years of job experience meant nothing. I was presented with the idea of becoming a trainer while going back to school and my first thought was I dont wanna be one of those people! Someone that doesn’t know what they are talking about or doing, half the time fooling their clients. Someone that doesn’t even practice what they preach. Now I may be generalizing most and discounting the good ones. But let’s face it that is most on a whole and I can attest to it because I have seen it firsthand. I made my own mark by speaking my mind and not kissing asses. I could understand each and everyone’s issues and knew when it came down to it their life could be better if they only felt better about themselves. But to make someone better you need to be hard, tough and get them out of their comfort zone. You need to argue their excuses and be a leader that leads them to a better life. You need to get them out of their own way and tell them what they need to hear not what they want to hear. While of course it’s easier to help someone else rather than to help yourself, my members/ clients have seen me at my best and at my worst. They have seen me build my reputation and destroy it. They have seen that I am human with flaws but I keep moving forward. Every time I get knocked down or even knock myself down I get back up and dust myself off. Why? Because it’s my responsibility to me and my family to evolve, improve and move forward. This is also everyone’s responsibility. When I push you out of your comfort zone it forces you to better yourself as a result. Yes sometimes you may crash and burn. But when you come back for more than guess what you improved yourself with that simple task of coming back. I personally know I have always been at my most creative when in my hardest times. I have more drive and perseverance. I have also seen the times of becoming to egotistical and not being humble until I crush myself. So In my own weird way nothing is ever good enough, it can always be better or improved upon. So my point is I’m not here to be your friend. I’m here to be that person that questions your thoughts and your way of life. I’m here to make you mad and push you out of your comfort zone. Yes I do get joy when you get disgruntled with me. Why? Because I know I'm pushing you to where you need to be. To becoming a better you. More confident, stronger, faster and healthier.

7pm class to be 7pm open gym

Starting next week on 2/9/15 the 7pm class will turn into 7pm open gym on Monday and Tuesday nights only. It will only be for members that can read the whiteboard. We will have the open gym staffed but not with a coach. We have tried to make a 7pm class work those that requested it stay on the schedule but attendance is still low or non existent. Thanks!

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