2015 Festivus Games

We will be hosting the 2015 Festivus Games on April 18th. This is a one comp for beginners and intermediates. Prizes for top 3 male and female in both categories.

Go to www.festivusgames.com or our FB page for more details and registration.

USAW Level 2 Course

USAW Level 2

Advanced Sports Performance Course

March 28-29

Instructor: Daniel Camargo



2015 Festivus Games

We will be hosting the Festivus Games on April 18th.

This is a one day competition for beginners and intermediates. There will be male and female divisions for both.

You can check out the website for wods and standards.




To registar you can use the link below or find our registration link on our FB page.




Intro Rate

We have decided to keep the intro rate as a permanent part of our membership options. So that means all new members coming in will have their first month unlimited at $30. Then after their first month they can choose which option they want for membership.



First session- FREE

First month unlimited introduction rate- $30.00 (applies to all new members)

Drop in rates- $10.00 per visit.

Drop in card (5 visits)- $40.00

One month 3 times a week- $85.00*

One month unlimited access - $135.00*

One month unlimited for couples- $230.00*

One month unlimited group rate for 3 or more- $100.00*(per person)

One month unlimited access discount- $115.00*

(Discount is for military, SWAT, police, fire department, teachers, students, Publix employees, Bayfront Health and  Oak Hill Hospital/ Bayonet Point employees).

Unbroken Fitness Kids class- $25 a month for once a week or $10 a session.

Private sessions- $50.00 per hour , $30.00 per 1/2 hour.

App and program access only- $20.00 (no use of gym)


*Automatic monthly withdraws, NO CONTRACT, can cancel at anytime!

***NO REFUNDS AFTER CHARGE HAS GONE THROUGH! *** We are very easy going about our policies and do not do contracts unless requested so it is your responsibility to notify us of early cancellation or hold on account.


Price break options available with 12 month contract. Please see Jesse for more information.

Must come in and sign off to cancel in writing.


Monday- Friday:

5:30-6:30am class (reverse format)

6-7am class

7-8am class

8-9am class

9-10am class

10-11am class

11am-4pm closed

4-5pm class

5-6pm class

6-7pm class


7-8pm class


9-10am mobility/wod

10-11am mobility/ wod

11-12pm Unbroken Fitness Kids class


Class times can be subject to change. If a class time changes we will make it known on the site or on Facebook. Depending upon the availability of coaches we can try to offer more classes at different times. We are open to any suggestions, feel free to contact us.

7pm Class

The great 7pm class debate:

So as we've been saying attendance at 7pm has been down or inconsistent. When we mention dropping the class we have many of you guys saying to keep it but we still don't have people show.


Here's the final verdict: we will keep the 7pm only on TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS. This will take effect starting next week.

Thank you!

Schedule update

No kids class this Saturday 2/3/14, kids class will resume the following Saturday.

2015 Paleo Challenge

2015 Paleo Challenge: Jan 9- Feb 9

$20 buy in, winner takes all! Prizes will include 1 month free membership, cash pot and gift bag.

Results will be based on the following info that will need to be submitted prior to Jan 9th.

What we need before:

Full body pic from front, back and side. Ladies you can wear shorts and sports bra or bathing suit. Guys just shorts.


Measurements of hips (largest part of butt) and Waist (around belly button)

*you will need to re submit this info as your after results after Feb 9.


Eat strict Paleo meats, fruits, veggies, roots, nuts and seeds

Don't eat dairy, oats, grains, sugars or legumes

*If you choose to do it as Primal the only difference is goat dairy products are allowed. sweet potatoes and yams are allowed but for those looking to loose weight and tone keep them to a min. If you are looking to maintain size but lean more is acceptable. Also, remember that its should be protein, low glycemic carbs and healthy fats. Please see us if you need help with this but we are NOT writing you meal plans we are here to guide you.

Helpful links:






Holiday Schedule

12/24 9-11 (sat style)

12/25 closed

12/26 4-6pm classes only

12/27 9-11 no kids class

12/28 closed

12/29-12/31 normal hrs no 7pm classes

1/1 closed

1/2 4-6pm classes only

From Dec. 1st through the 23rd will be normal business hrs unless noted.

Schedule info for 2015

Attention members: We have had little to no attendance in the 7pm class. We know this use to be a needed class on the schedule but if the attendance continues to be low come January we plan to discontinue it till further notice.

Were going to go ahead and start the 6am class starting next week on December 1st. The 10am open gym will be discontinued starting December 1st also.

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