New Tee's and Tank's

New Tee's and Tank's in stock. $25 cash or check. We got some Batman / Wonder Woman inspired shirts coming in next.

Oly Seminar

Guys were about a month and a half away from the Camargo Oly Seminar. Spaces are starting to fill up so if you wish to sign up start now. You can go to our FB page and in the event section click on the "clickable" link to register or you can go to the event section in the lower right hand corner on the home page of this website and click the link to register.


No kids class this Saturday 7/19. All other classes are still on schedule.

CrossTrackr Update

Hey guys just wanted to give you a update on some new CrossTrackr features. There is now a weight calculator and max rep calculator. Both of these features are found under the "logs and extras" menu in the desktop view. These features will be very useful since we go off percentages everyday.

DJ Jazzy Jeff

Ladies and gentlemen please direct your attention to Jeff and say thank you for the new sound system. Thanks to Jeff the workouts will now be thumping!!!

4th of July

4th of July:

We will only be having a 2 hour class on July 4th from 9-11am. Afterwards for those that are interested Chris is having a party for the members.

1pm- 6(or whenever)



bring a dish to help out with food


14207 Cornewall Ln

Spring Hill 34609

Pristine place , use main entrance @ Minnie Dr/ St. Ives Blvd.

If gate is not opened call 352.263.1100 or 352.584.3887.

Krav Maga

Krav Maga update: Here's the deal guys. We can offer a 2 hour class every Saturday morning. It would be from 11am-1pm, we would still have all of our other Saturday morning classes but just a little earlier. The price of the Krav would be $50 for the month or $20 to drop in. What we plan on doing is having you guys let us know if this is something you would like. So if we have min of 10 people that are interested and pre sign up we will add it to the schedule. If you wish to get on the list then see Jesse or John and we'll keep you updated.

Oly Seminar

Event: Camargo Oly Seminar (2 Day Seminar)

Dates: September 13-14

Time: 9am-4pm each day


Cost: $250

Daniel Camargo is a 22-year veteran in Olympic Weightlifting.  He learned the Snatch and Clean+Jerk at age 12 and has never left the sport.  As an athlete Camargo represented U.S.A. in 9 international competitions and set three American Records (Jr.).  At 21 years old, and weighing 83kg (182.6lbs.), which was his final competition year, Camargo lifted a 152.5kg (334lbs) Snatch and 180kg (396lbs) in the Clean & Jerk; a Junior American Record.  He was trained by some of the very best U.S. Coaches and would later rise to the same level of coaching.
He later retired and began coaching.  As a head coach, Camargo has produced several State, Collegiate and National Champions. His latest accomplishment was promotion to U.S. International Level Coach, as well as being elected as President of the Florida Weightlifting Federation. In 2009, he was selected as Team Leader and Coach of Team USA and spent 10 days in Romania where he led the U.S. Team to the Junior World Weightlifting Championships. This year, 2014, he was again selected as a U.S. Coach but this time for the Jr. Pan American Championships. Coach Camargo's experience and education has made him one of the most well-known coaches in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting. People know him as a hard working, dedicated coach who's passion for Olympic Weightlifting motivates those around him. He has opened a CrossFit gym in the Orlando, FL area (Altamonte Crossfit), which was authorized as a USA Weightlifting Regional Training Center.  His CrossFit gym is everything CrossFit is known to be with an emphasis on the Olympic lifts.

Upcoming Program Changes

Attention members: We have been working on some changes for a while now so that we can offer you guys more than just CF style programming. We have always prided ourselves in the fact that we are a strength and conditioning facility first and foremost. We became a USAW barbell club earlier this year and as most know we have a strong emphasis on barbell training. So with that being said in about 3-4 weeks get ready to have some options in your training goals. I know some like the regular style programming where you come in and spend about 40min warming up, stretching, work on the s&c for the day and finish off with a 15min or less met con. Along with this daily programming we will start to offer additional training options for the people that want to explore or focus on weightlifting and power lifting. The daily weightlifting program will focus on clean, jerk and snatch with assistance lifts and assistance met cons. The daily power lifting program will focus on the main 4 power lifts followed by assistance work. With both new program options our recommendation is to not over train so if you still wanna hit the daily wod I would suggest keeping those to a minimum of 3 per week and if possible treat it as a two a day training where you come in later or earlier to do the wod separately. By doing this you will see and feel much better, productive results. If you can't split the training then go for what you can do with your schedule. With the weightlifting program we leave it up to your discretion as to when you feel up to adding in a CF wod. With the power lifting program we will note the suggested days to add in a wod with your daily training. If anyone has any questions in regards to the changes please see Jesse. We will keep you updated as to when it will start.

Fathers Day

Attention members: We will be closed on Sunday 6/15, so no open gym.

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