It’s not easy to convey in words how much CrossFit means to me. I remember the day I finally struck up the courage to give it a try. I pulled up to the sound of metal blaring out of a warehouse, broken up by the now all too familiar sound of barbells clanking on the mats. Intimidated? Hell yeah. Excited? Hell yeah. I was just looking for a way to stay in shape but I found so much more. 

In the age of mud runs I was feeling pretty lazy. I was bored with regular gyms, Les Mills, Jillian Michaels dvd’s, running at the park, yoga, and the 8 million other fitness trends I threw myself into yet quickly abandoned. CrossFit was different than all of these. Its design is so simple but that’s what makes it effective, and accessible to anyone of any age and any skill level. “Constantly varied, functional movements, executed at high intensity.” I thought it was too expensive and I thought it was too hard but nine months later, CrossFit is the #1 best thing I have ever done for myself and I can not imagine life without it. 

I eat better, I sleep better, I overall just feel better (and I won’t complain about looking better either). You will not only challenge yourself physically but mentally and perhaps that is the most important aspect. I am more confident I have ever been in life and I 100% credit it to the time I spend at the box. I used to look at the workout and think, “There’s no way I can do that” but now I walk in and think, “Well, this might not be easy but I’m totally gonna rock it!” And that’s what I do each and every day whether it be the workout, a job interview, or changing a flat tire - I now approach life thinking, “I’ve got this.” 

For the first few months I would leave my house nervous for the workout but every time I would get back home I’d be on top of the world. At CrossFit Spring Hill, that feeling never ends. It’s more than just a gym, it’s a family. Everyone knows you by name, encourages you, pushes themselves right beside you. Sometimes I think these people know more about me than I
know about myself and they never settle for less than my best. If I miss a lift, someone is there to tell me to take a quick break and go for it again. We all need that sometimes, and CrossFit Spring Hill is where you’ll get it. No matter what kind of a day I’m having, I look forward to ‘picking up something heavy’ with my best friends. We all grow stronger every day and do more and more things we never thought possible. So come give it a try, "We’ve got this."

Kristie A.


I’ve been into fitness for quite some time now and as an ex 280 pound fat girl that has struggled with my weight for years, I can say there is nothing like CrossFit!! It’s truly amazing what CrossFit has done for not just my body, but for my mind and spirit as well! I love CrossFit because it helps me to deal with the real world; If you can put yourself through CrossFit then you can deal with most everything else.

With that being said, I’m so very grateful to be a part of the CrossFit Spring Hill crew; I’m blessed to say that I’ve acquired so many new, life-long friendships with people I’d probably otherwise would have never had the enjoyment of meeting if it wasn’t for our shared love for CrossFit. I worked with Jesse, owner/coach at CFSH, prior to him becoming a CF certified trainer and have had the pleasure of seeing him grow and flourish as a trainer. He has such tremendous passion for what he does!!

Aside from Jesse, there’s a handful of amazing coaches there as well; Each and every one of them has helped me advance in so many ways!! I have to say, when I first joined CFSH, it was a huge culture shock for me!! I was so used to my one-on-one attention with Jesse that walking into a CrossFit box (which is nothing like a gym, by the way) quite honestly scared the crap out of me. I remember many times in the beginning just sitting to the side or not fully applying myself because I was afraid of what the others would think of me.

When I say a CrossFit box is nothing like a gym, I mean that…in more ways than one!! I love going into the box because I know that when I arrive, my programming is already planned out—beats the guess-work of going into a gym and trying to figure out my workout for the day. And the plus side to that as well is that when you’re a part of a box, you always have a trainer there to assist you, yet at the same time it’s different from your typical “personal trainer” at a regular gym because you’re not so babied. They’re there to watch and help you, but you learn how to be self-sufficient which is amazing because I have paid so many trainers in the past, but once on my own, was left clueless!!

No matter what your skill level or size, or whether you’re joining us for the very first time or have been there since the beginning, everybody at CrossFit Spring Hill treats you like family!! CrossFit has taught me how to be more independent; it has given me confidence and has built my strength, not just physically, but mentally as well!! CrossFit Spring Hill has changed my entire life for the better and for that I am forever grateful!!!

-Neveen E.


I started Crossfit in June 2011. It was the best thing I have ever done. I have tried the regular gyms and did not see the results I was looking for. Ever since I started Crossfit I have felt better mentally and physically. You see I am a police officer and being in shape is a must. Before I started Crossfit I had the mindset that “if this guy decides to run, can I catch him or if this guy decides to fight can take him.” Now after doing Crossfit my mindset is “run I know I can catch you and in most cases if this guy decides to fight I know I can take him.” My endurance/ recovery time is 100% better and in all my lifts I have seen huge gains.

I used to have constant shoulder and back pain from playing sports and working. Now doing all of the different exercises my shoulder pain is almost gone and I don’t have the back pain that I once had.

I love doing Crossfit not only because of the workouts, but because the people involved in it are great. We all push each other and have fun while we workout. Joining Crossfit is like joining a family.

-Joe N.


I could talk your ear off about CrossFit and what it means to me, how much I love it and how perfect I think it is. But you probably need both your ears, and most people would rather hear about what CrossFit can do for them. When I first heard about CF, people said that injuries were a common issue and warned me away from it. They said that people were pushed too hard and got hurt as a result. Well, they were partly right.

I have been pushed hard- pushed past my limiting views of myself, pushed to always try harder, pushed beyond valuing appearance to valuing ability instead. Pain is also a common occurrence at CF Spring Hill; like a rite of passage, members brag about how sore they were the first couple of times they did CF. Every muscle in my body, many newly awakened to me, has burned at some point from exertion. However, injury is rare, while safety is constantly and consistently promoted at CFSH. I have had a “bad back” for over 10 years now, experiencing pain, stiffness and immobility that limited my life. Since starting CF last June, my symptoms have all but disappeared and I can now deadlift over 200 pounds. Every workout can be scaled to anyone’s condition, and proper form is always expected, so I don’t know how that rumor of injuries got started. I’m glad I didn’t listen.

I’ve had people tell me that they just can’t fit working out into their schedule. I go through this too, since I am in school full time and work several part-time jobs. However, CF isn’t “working out”, it’s training, and the benefits of an hour in the box several times a week will manifest themselves in every aspect of your life. I’ve also heard, “Oh, I want to get in better shape before I try CF.”

“Better shape” is an illusion; CrossFit can get you to the best shape of your life.

I say this because of two things: 1) CF is a challenge. Always. You will never push yourself as hard as the CFSH trainers will, while still keeping good form and working towards quantifiable goals. This brings me to my second point: You will see your progress. How many girls go to the gym just to fit into a bikini? How many guys just want to “get bigger”? Well, I have news for you: They make XXL bikinis, and there’s always going to be a bigger guy. Wouldn’t you rather be able to say/brag:

Lunges? Big whoop- those were my warm-up yesterday.

I can lift a bar that weighs more than I do off of the ground.

I can climb a rope.

I work out so hard that running is when I catch my breath.

I can do a pull-up. And another one. And another. And…

That is why I CrossFit. I don’t feel broken anymore. I feel strong, both inside and out. I know what I can do, what I can almost do, and what I’m going to do one day. I feel like I have been re-introduced to my body; I am more confident, more aware of the dynamic possibilities that are within me. And I can’t wait to do a WOD with you.

-Sara W.



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