This is the portion of our gym dedicated only to Weightlifting. All coaching is done under USAW standards. For those that ask what is the difference between our CrossFit program and our Weightlifting program, here's the breakdown

Weightlifting is clean, jerk and snatch. That is all. The program consists of these primary lifts along with specific training that includes assistant lifts and met cons to help improve each athlete in these lifts. Goals can range from personal enjoyment to competing on a national level. All of which we can help you with.

Prices for our barbell club our the same as our regular prices.

unlimited- $135 month

discount unlimited- $115 month

3x a week access- $85 month

private lessons- $50 hr, $30 1/2hr


M-F 6am-10am, 4pm-7pm Sat 11-12

This club is for those that want to focus only on training in the sport of Weightlifting for personal interest, to compete or to train in the off season for another sport or to compete at a state or national level.



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